For ipython version 0.12:

   In [1]: %load_ext autoreload

   In [2]: %autoreload 2

Then your module will be auto-reloaded by default. This is the doc:


``autoreload`` is an IPython extension that reloads modules
automatically before executing the line of code typed.

This makes for example the following workflow possible:

.. sourcecode:: ipython

   In [1]: %load_ext autoreload

   In [2]: %autoreload 2

   In [3]: from foo import some_function

   In [4]: some_function()
   Out[4]: 42

   In [5]: # open in an editor and change some_function to return 43

   In [6]: some_function()
   Out[6]: 43

The module was reloaded without reloading it explicitly, and the
object imported with ``from foo import ...`` was also updated.

There is a trick: when you foget all the above when using ipython, just try:

import autoreload
# Then you get all the above
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